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Weinberger Wealth(™) is a service aimed for the Ultra-Rich, to immune the family wealth from harm throughout generations, and to make sure the entire lineage of future descendants will always enjoy the family's financial strength.



The Problem

As of 2012, there are over 11 million people worldwide defined as "High Net Worth Individuals" (HNWI - with investable assets over 1$ million), and over 100,000 people worldwide defined as "Ultra High Net Worth Individuals" (UHNWI - with investable assets over 30$ million).

Recent research shows that when examining the 3rd generation, only 21% of descendants of such families will remain high net worth, and when examining the 4th generation, only 8% of descendants of such families will remain high net worth, meaning after only 4 generations 92% of the families will lose the majority of their wealth throughout the generations.


Why does that happen?


There are several major factors that lead to this decline of wealth, and actually shift of wealth to other families and individuals, among them we can count the leading factors:


£ Poor business and financial decisions by a single person in the lineage can destroy the family fortune.

£ Family disputes (divorce, inheritance, sibling rivalry etc.) lead to significant damage to the family fortune.

£ Insolvency, Bankruptcy, Liquidations may lead to the loss of the family fortune.

£ Legal complications, including foreclosures, temporary injunctions and remedies can cause financial difficulties and collapse.

£ Lack of liquidity, even for short periods of time, can be catastrophic to the family fortune under some circumstances.

£ Split of family fortune to smaller and smaller slices on each generation, resulting in low wealth for each individual and inability to make large-scale decisions.

£ Political and demographic changes can result in a total shift of wealth and loss of the family fortune.

£ National or international (global) financial crisis, can significantly damage or minimize the family fortune.


The bottom line is that even if you have a direct effect on your close descendants (children and grandchildren), it is still somewhat limited, and for sure you cannot guarantee who your granddaughter is going to marry, what business decisions your great-grandson will make, or foresee how the political and financial climate will be 50 years from now, anticipate future revolutions or wars, or foresee the future technologies of 100 years from now.





The Solution

The only known solution to the above mentioned problem is Weinberger Wealth(™), a service that caters only to the Ultra-Rich, and allows the family fortune to be immune, and preserved for long periods of time, throughout the generations.


Currently two programmes are offered: the 250-year programme (ending in December 31st, the year 2250), and the 400-year programme (ending in December 31st, the year 2400), aimed to provide financial strength lasting 10-16 generations!


By Purchasing a Weinberger Wealth(™) unit (or more), you can guarantee that your lineage of future descendants will enjoy your financial strength, and be immune to: Divorce, Family Disputes, Poor Decisions by a family member, National and Global Crisis, Poitical changes, Insolvency, Bankruptcy & Liquidation, Foreclosures, Lack of Liquidity - The Funds allocated to the unit will be protected, and a single member of the lineage can only cause damages to his own beneficiary rights, while future generations are 100% protected.




Our Clients

In general, we cater to an exclusive and small group of "Ultra High Net Worth Individuals" (UHNWI - with investable assets over 30$ million), as the minimal unit price (sufficient to buy a single unit to the 250-year programme) costs 2$ million.


Having said that, if one is not a UHNWI, yet able to purchase Weinberger Wealth(™) unit/s, they are most welcome to join our programmes.


Please bear in mind that in general, we recommend one not to purchase units with over 40% of their investable assets, so a minimum investable wealth of 5$ million is recommended to join Weinberger Wealth(™).




More information

You can find more information about Weinberger Wealth(™) on this website, or you can contact us for more details.


Weinberger Wealth(™) is currently managed by Advocate Paz I. Weinberger, Esq., founder of Weinberger Wealth(™).



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